Lilliputians at the Calgary Zoo

The Little Green Thumbs program of the Calgary Zoo recently asked if I'd join them for a professional development afternoon with some Calgary school teachers (mostly division 2, meaning grades 4-6). The hope was I'd provide teachers with some great art ideas to take back to their classrooms.

So, I came up with three suggestions …

1)  thaumatropes (yes, still one of my favourite things!!), where my students would use plant related / botanical imagery for their optical device ;

2) a three-panelled cartoon of stories revolving around the planning, planting, tending and harvesting of the students’ classroom gardens; and

3) Lilliputians in the Garden (this was the clear winner…) where students bring a full-body photo of themselves to class, and, after drawing a garden scenario, insert themselves into the scene. Just like a Lilliputian!

Using pencil crayons and water colours (and of course glue sticks), my grown-up students created a multi-media masterpiece … sort of like this… 

Great fun to spend a day at the zoo-- with both people and animals. I finally got to see the penguins!



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