Not much longer now... I've spent much of June and July working away on The Always Team, a children's book about the Saskatchewan Roughriders. Now, we await the final product to be printed (it's at Friesens in Manitoba), packaged up and delivered into our anxious little hands.

Holly Preston wrote the tale about a trio of Saskatchewan boys who love the 'Riders, and she brought me on-board to do the illustrations. It's been lots of fun (and a lot of work!). Here's a sample page to show you...

Most of the actual painting was done while I was on vacation with my family in Paris (I did all the line drawings while still in Calgary). We were very fortunate to have the use of a flat in the 16eme arrondisement for three weeks, where I was able to spread out all my painting stuff on the dining room table.

Each morning, before cafe and patisseries, I sat down and painted. You'll note that a great deal of green watercolour was used (Lukas 1171 & 1193, as I recall). Final touches were completed much closer to Mosaic Stadium, on a dining room table in Regina's south end.

Will let you all know when it's released!


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