Another year...

and here I'm writing again. Ya, I know -- it's about time.

Anyway, my latest children's book has now arrived on the scene, and it's called "Where Does Your Dog Sleep?" (published by Your Nickel's Worth Press). It's not a difficult book to read -- the fog index is set at about ages 1 - 5 -- so you needn't be intimidated. You can either buy it online at, or ask your local bookstore to bring it in.

My author is Jean Freeman (interesting aside, this is the second Freeman I've teamed up with -- no relation to one another), who plays Fitzi's Grandma on the CTV comedy, Corner Gas.

What else am I doing? Well, this month I'm artist-in-residence at Calgary's Almadina Language Charter Academy -- should be fun!


Martin said…
good luck with this...your illustrations are great (actually fantastic) so keep on persevering.... love that your name and the authors get equal billing

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