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Some Tips to Get Kids Reading

In this digital age of unrelenting screen time, social mediaand diminishing attention spans, getting a child to sit down and decompress with a book can be a challenge-- especially if that child doesn't like to read.
So, how can a parent inspire a kid to read? Here are a few tips that might help nudge your reluctant reader in the right direcion... 
Zero in on your child’s interests What's your child into? What grabs their attention? What floats their boat? If it's video games or animals or magic tricks or Star Wars, guaranteed there will be reading material out there that dovetails with those interests. Check in with the library or local bookstore to see what titles are available that will match your child's interest. 
Let your kids choose  Even if you think they’re above or below their reading level (within reason, of course!). If your 6-year old daughter wants to read the car manual, or your 3-year old son wants to read the 6-year old's chapter book, let them. Include …

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